Friday, 16 September 2011

An optimistic approach by mobile OEMs to save earth!

With an ever-increasing demand for new electronic gadgets, the electronic dump rate has been increasing to a very dangerous level. Some of the mobile OEMs have responded optimistically towards the social responsibility of resource conservation throughout handset  lifecycle. Al though brands are aggressively investing in increasing production and sales of handsets, they have come up with various “green initiatives” to reduce resource usage and lower wastage, with an intention to make our Earth a better place to live.

Mobile manufacturers such as Nokia and Sony Ericsson are launching eco-friendly range of mobile products to reduce the overall environmental impact of the product, without compromising the style and functionality of the device. The primary objectives of such initiatives have been:-

· Reduction in carbon emissions 
· Reduction in plastic wastes 
· Reduction in paper usage 
· Reduction in energy consumption 
· Awareness creation 

Eco-friendly manufacturing process
Green initiatives are pushing manufacturing process away from the use of lead and other hazardous substances such as bromine, chlorine and antimony trioxide. Manufacturers are using raw materials that are in compliant with Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive. Use of RoHS compliant materials reduces the risk to health and the environment.

A shift from synthetic paint to bio-paint or waterborne paint has cut down considerable amount of carbon emission. Bio-paint or waterborne paint also lowers exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). 

Manufacturers are taking initiatives to reduce the use of paper during packaging of products. Use of eco –friendly packaging materials and reducing package size are new trends observed. They are providing in-phone manual in place of paper manual in the package. 

Recycling: A way to help the environment
Recycling is the very first step for environment protection. People keep on changing handset for style or for need. A considerable number of handsets are being dumped on a daily basis. Lots of materials in such electronic wastes can be re-used for same or different purposes. Therefore, manufacturers are giving consumer safe channel to dispose off the old, non-working handsets and accessories rather than just dumping them away. They use the materials of non-working handsets for the production of new handsets, thereby reducing the threat to the environment. Samsung and Nokia are actively working for recycling discarded handsets.

Improving energy efficiency
Manufacturing energy efficient products is another focus on mobile OEMS. Nokia is providing energy rating system for mobile chargers. The star system lets the users know power consumed by the mobile phone charger. Higher the rating, lesser is the energy consumption and vice versa. A Nokia charger with 5 star rating consumes less than 0.03W and a Nokia charger with no star consumes more than 0.5W.

Usually, people forget to disconnect the charger after the device is charged, which leads to wastage of energy. Brands such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and LG came up with chargers that remind users to unplug, when the device is fully charged. Over the last decade, Nokia has reduced the amount of energy its chargers use in no-load mode by 90%.

Manufacturers have created energy efficient display. Incorporation of ambient light detectors has reduced the display energy consumption to great extent. The latest OLED based displays such as OLED, AMOLED, Super AMOLED and Super AMOLED Plus displays are much energy efficient as compared to conventional TFT LCD displays.

Increasing awareness to save environment
Manufacturers are trying to make environment clean not only by shifting to eco– friendly manufacturing process and saving energy but also through creating awareness in the consumers. Many apps are incorporated in handsets through which user can gain knowledge about the environmental organizations, communities, applications, and movements. Mobile phones are coming with CO2 emission calculator to use in daily life. Handsets capable of video calls and conferencing help avoid business travels, which indirectly helps in eliminating CO2 emission.

The corporate commitment to environmental protection is certainly playing a significant role in boosting the brand value. When the mobile makers are moving towards accomplishing sustainability objectives, our generation next is being kept away from the hazards to a great extent. So let’s support any new initiative by mobile OEMs to make the Earth a better place to live. Let’s help promote any new technology developed to save energy, reduce wastage or lessen the environmental impact!